Privacy Policy

We offer premium quality images belonging to different genres. Unique content relating to image and video tells a story about the same. We try to deliver better quality pictures to clients, marketing partners, business organizations and individuals.

The main purpose of the declaration of the privacy policy is to inform our valued customers about the information that we gather. It also details about information collected, protected and then deleted from our site. However, we only use the information gathered from our clients for a suitable purpose for the business. It also helps to enhance customer experience and offer better service to the customers or clients.

By using our service, the client gives consent to follow our privacy policy and agree to abide by it. For any case of fraudulence, the users will be restricted from getting access to our image on the site.

The policy is updated from time to time and it is expected that users should go through details of the policy to have an idea before they wish to download the images.  We promise to comply with the recent changes made in the updated privacy laws and will abide by it. We will also remove any media or data that is related to clients’ use of our service on the website.

Collection and use of information

When users want to get access to the image on our sites, we collect some personal information, and we may use the same to offer enhanced service to customers. Most of the information they provide is relevant to the use of image on our site.

With this, we try to offer them better filter options on the site. With this, we make the pictures available for free download from the site. However, we do not disclose the information to any third party and use the information only with the consent of clients.