Can You Buy Black Bathroom Accessories?

Black is a color that is often overlooked when people decorate their bathrooms and kitchens. Although you probably don’t want ebony walls in your own bathroom, dark bathroom accessories can help others paint.

Many people who want to introduce bright colors like neon pink to their toilets use black bathroom accessories to soften the pink glow. An ebony bathroom soap dispenser can be placed on a perfectly white counter top and create a bold look in a room.

You can frame very dark materials around the bright mirrors in the bathroom and create an interesting contrast. Due to the black frame around the surface of the mirror, the light from the bathroom mirror will be brighter.

Bathroom soap dispensers are not the only item you will find in contrasting colors to create a unique look in the room. You can buy toilets that come in almost every color of the rainbow. You can find your bathtub and washbasin in the washbasin base cabinet in almost every color you can think of. Once these items were almost always white, then in the late 60’s a strange green porcelain toilet became popular, and then white reverted to the color of porcelain. Today, there are so many color and material choices that no two powder rooms look alike.

If you decide to paint the walls in the room too dark, you will need more electric light in the room. Darker colors on the wall make the room look more dim. In a powder room, you need to provide as much light as possible, so increase the number of lights as you darken the color on the walls.

Use your shower curtains, window curtains and towels to add contrasting colors and bring a room together. You don’t have to stick to just two colors in a room like this. You can decorate with animal themes, toilet items from the sea are popular, fishing and underwater scenes are also popular. All of these themes allow the decorator to bring different colored towels and items to bring with the room. Use your imagination and create a theme that suits your tastes and personality.

If you want to paint the room darker, but keep the room well lit, you can use darker colors on the floor tiles and shower tiles around the shower. Dark and light contrast is nice and you don’t need extra electric light to look good in a powder room.

Using dark colored photo frames to enclose decorative images, you can bring ebony color into the room. A black tile floor combined with ebony picture frames can make the room more complete and attractive.

Beware of Cheap Bathroom Accessories

Like many things, the long-term value of cheap bathroom accessories is high. A good shower or toilet paper caddy will last for decades, while cheap ones will last only a few months. There are number of reasons for this:

1. rust

The rust is big. Google search for “rusty bathroom accessories” returns 2.8 million results. Currently, the total number of bathroom accessories in the world’s landfills is incalculable.

Worse still, rust can be prevented on all bathroom accessories. Chrome plated steel can theoretically sit in saltwater ponds for a million years and still look shiny and new. Its price is no more than the completion of ordinary steel, so there is no excuse. If your equipment looks rusty and ugly within a year, the few bucks saved are useless. However, chrome plating in a cheaper product can also cause rust. Chrome, of any standard, never rusts. However, a thin layer of chromium, which is poorly applied, can break. Once it breaks, the base steel begins to rust.

Rust is soluble in water and is found everywhere. A crack in the shower body can cause ugly, rusty colored drops that stain both the skin and the porcelain. Soap cracks can cause rust on your soap and skin. The smell of rust is also very unpleasant.

Because of this, even a small crack can mean that you have to throw away the bathroom equipment. They usually need to be replaced completely due to reason # 2.

2. They have no replacement parts.

Most things are cheap for some reason. This is usually because some parts, but not all, are made very cheaply. For example, a cheap hair dryer caddy may have a nice looking basket but a poor wall mount. It doesn’t matter how good the basket is, because you can’t exchange or exchange new parts at all with bathroom accessories.

If bathroom fixtures seem remarkably cheap, there is probably a piece that is not well made. It can be a chrome seal that barely lasts. This could be a valve on a soap dispenser that is leaking. It could be anything. Unless you’re a fan of industrial design, it’s probably not something you’ll ever see. But it is there. This cheap piece will throw you all the accessories. A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

3. If they are plastic, they are often made of inferior plastic.

There are many different types of plastic. The only person I ever met who really understood the difference between all these types of plastics was a chemical engineer.

There are many things to worry about in small sized plastics. They can fire. They can be colorful. They can be easily scratched. Soap or skin oil can affect them. Fluorescent lamps can affect them. There is so much to keep track of.

Fortunately, companies selling mid-range bathroom accessories have a reputation for persistence. Most companies won’t come out and say “non-corrosive processed type 6 plastic”, but they will know that, at their prices, consumers expect all the details to be well taken care of.

As a result, it is not possible to buy cheap bathroom accessories. There are many ways to reduce twists, and all of these can lead to rusty, bad, ugly broken products in the trash.

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