Braun Coffee Maker Kf 560

The Braun Kf 560 coffee machine is perfect for the most demanding coffee connoisseurs looking for a machine that can offer them an authentic cafe experience in their own home.

This coffee maker is easy to use; it has a unique open non-slip handle, so that pouring your coffee from the jug to the cup is smoother and more convenient.

This model has a filter release button that allows the filter basket to unlock itself for easy insertion of the coffee filter, and it can also be easily filled with coffee powder.

This model is very suitable for use in Europe and Asia because the power cord is European/Asian and the voltage is 220/240 50Hz. The price of less than a hundred dollars makes the quality a real bargain.

==> Click here for more information about the Braun Kf560 coffee machine <== Advantages of the Braun Kf560 coffee machine:

This coffee maker is not expensive
Braun PureAqua really helps improve the taste of coffee by reducing chlorine
Can quickly brew large amounts of coffee (up to 10 cups)
Easy and convenient to use
Very practical and simple
Every pot of coffee is great
Like all classic Braun coffee machines, the Kf560 has a stylish design that looks elegant and charming on any countertop
The coffee that comes out is always hot
There is an adjustable lockable heating plate to keep the temperature in the four chambers after brewing
The gold filter helps improve the taste without the need for a paper filter

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Other features of Braun Cafe House include:

The dripping stops when the kettle is removed
Takeaway filter basket
Large visible indicator light
Rotating filter basket with overflow protection
Easy to clean
Kettle and lid for dishwasher
Water level indicator
Integrated power cord storage

Things to consider for Kf560:

If you want a pot of strong coffee, it’s best to brew 10 cups of coffee to get the desired taste
The suspended and service features have been reported to have leaks
Service is not set up once and for all; you have to be careful when pouring coffee, otherwise it may overflow
There is no function/setting with which you can adjust the intensity of the coffee maker


The Kf560 coffee maker has received mixed reviews in terms of functionality, but when it comes to coffee quality, there is no doubt that this coffee maker can give you value for money. Of course, it should be borne in mind that this is 220 volts; if you’re in the United States or anywhere with 110 volts, please don’t buy; because this obviously won’t work.

But aside from the thrill, coffee aficionados swear by the taste of Braun’s coffee. In addition to the quality of the coffee, the quality of the water you use determines the actual taste. Braun PureAqua filters make plain tap water taste better and lower costs because you don’t have to buy paper filters or filtered water. The function is very simple, easy to use, easy to learn and use. There may be some missing settings, such as coffee strength adjustment, but this is a very minor complaint.

In addition to the taste, aroma and softness of the coffee, brewing and steaming the coffee are also very important, that’s what the Braun coffee machine does. Customer reviews show that there are indeed some shortcomings, but in terms of price, Braun Kf560 still offers the best results and durability, making it worth the money.

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