3 Great Kids Bathroom Ideas

Decorating a bathroom for a child can be overwhelming. Now there are so many great bathroom accessories for kids, it’s hard to know how to choose or where to start. Therefore, if you are stuck in the decorating conventions, here are three interesting and unique bathroom decoration ideas that can help you solve the problem. Best of all, budgeting is easy too.

Beach Roaming Bath

Everyone likes to go on holiday, especially to the beach. But what if you can take the beach home with you? Then every day feels like a holiday. Choose a vibrant palette that is reminiscent of time spent by the sea. Now add a vinyl surfboard wall decal and some interesting “this way to the beach” sign. A number of well-arranged holiday photos are a great help and can create atmosphere. Use different sized tin buckets to store soap and towels in the shape of sea creatures. Start collecting old sunglasses by purchasing them at the yard sale or thrift store. Use them to be a border around the bathroom mirror. Put a nice parasol in the laundry basket. Now you are ready to have fun in the sun!

Cowpoke’s bathroom

Do you have a cowboy or a cowgirl in your family? Then turn their bathroom into a home on the shooting range. Decorate your walls with torn brown kraft paper to create a faux leather look. Use the saddle display to hang towels. You can often find cheap used saddles at yard sales and flea markets. Spur toilet paper holders can be found at specialty stores. Another great accessory for decoration is the old hat gun. They are easy to find on eBay and are usually very cheap. Last but not least, what would a denim bathroom look like without denim art. What price will you pay for this? There is nothing but the price of a piece of paper and some printer ink. Go to the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery and search for “cowboys.”

Dinosaur Graves

Pull out the kraft paper again. This time we are going to make a fossil wall! Use torn kraft paper to cut the walls. Once the paper is dry and attached to the wall, use skeleton rubber stamps from ferns, nautiluses and fish to create a fossil wall. Let your kids have fun making Paris fossil plaque plaster. Be sure to punch a hole in the plaque before it dries so it can be displayed on the wall. Make dinosaur footprints on the dressing table or along the wall or floor using stencils. If you don’t want to buy a template, cut the hard sponge into the shape of a dinosaur footprint and use it as a stamp. Now you have a fantastic prehistoric bathroom.

So you got it. Three interesting bathroom ideas for kids will give you the best bathroom around. Stay tuned as more great bathroom ideas are coming!

 Ideas to Make Better Use of Your Bathroom Space

For those of us with very small bathrooms, lack of space can come with many drawbacks. These can range from lack of storage space to feeling too cooped up to properly relax in the bathtub. These issues may not be important to some people, but they are important to others.

There are many ways to make the most of the available space in the bathroom. When it comes to storage, one of the best small bathroom ideas is using toilet storage. In terms of storage or decoration, the space above the toilet is often overlooked. There are various toilet racks, cabinets, etagères and space-saving options on the market. They can be made of metal or wood and vary in price, design and quality so most people will find something to suit their taste and budget.

Making the most of the bathroom corner is another great idea for a small bathroom, although it can also be applied to large bathrooms. The corner washbasin not only provides valuable storage space, but also enhances the look of the bathroom by enhancing its contours. Using a corner bath also creates a similar visual effect. Other corner storage ideas include corner showers and corner bathroom cabinets.

In addition to storage, many of us like to spend a long time in the bathtub and relax. The feeling of space is conducive to this relaxation, so the feeling of being enclosed by a small bathroom has a negative effect on us.

There are many ways to create the illusion of space. It can be helpful to use a light theme, especially white. You can use a different color of border tiles to relieve stress so that the room does not seem too cold and indifferent. Bathroom rugs are another way to provide relief without increasing the sense of closure.

The clever use of mirrors is another way to create the illusion of extra space. This is not easy to get the best results, which will help to get professional advice on this and relief. In the dark, the wrong type of lighting can make the situation worse, but choosing the right lighting can make the room “feel” bigger than it actually is. Dimming your lights is also a good choice. After all, if the lights are very dim, you won’t even notice that the bathroom is small, ideal for total relaxation.

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